A Holiday that 27 Families will NEVER Forget with Revel Lubin Aug04


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A Holiday that 27 Families will NEVER Forget with Revel Lubin


Revel Lubin may seem like a typical high school senior to most people, but as “normal” as he may seem to some, he did something that most typical teens never do! Revel started and managed a food drive that provided a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner for 27 low-income families in his area… families that otherwise would not have had the chance to experience a great feast on Thanksgiving Day… and we think that is awesome!

When he was only ten years old, Revel’s mother died. He was a part of a big family. As you could imagine, things were tough. And through it all, Revel felt like his family had little support; like no one cared. In high school Revel was a three-sport athlete but gave up playing sports to help support the family.

It would have been easy for him to not care about life or just feel sorry for himself. But Revel determined to do something awesome! While he had felt like no one cared for him and his family, he set out to give to other families the one thing he felt like he didn’t have… he set out to be someone that cared!

In this episode you will hear how Revel chose not to be bitter but instead chose to do something to serve others.

If you’d like to reach out to Revel, send him an email at Mr.lubin22@gmail.com.

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