Cows, Goats, & an 11-Year Old World Changer Oct13


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Cows, Goats, & an 11-Year Old World Changer

Kendi Kemerly is the 11 year old founder of Kendi’s Cows, an organization that raises money to purchase livestock for people who need it.

When you donate to Kendi’s Cows of Grace, people in other countries get an animal, and are then taught how to take care of it.

In this episode, Kendi shares:

1) the inspiring story that led her to start this organization

2) the partnerships that allow her to give livestock to people Africa, Haiti, India, & the Phillipines

3) her advice to someone that wants to change the world but doesn’t know where to start

Stay connected & get involved with Kendi’s organization by visiting her website at

You can also follow Kendi on Facebook and Twitter.

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