Ending Sex Slavery with Breanna Vales Oct27


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Ending Sex Slavery with Breanna Vales

Breanna Vales is the founder of Red Light Rebellion, an awareness program that educates and empowers students to fight the injustice of child sex slavery.

Her involvement with the cause started in high school when her and her friends noticed a gap in the anti-trafficked awareness movement. Teens are the target victims of predators, yet no intentional education was being done for students. Breanna and her friends decided to change that, and RLR’s first program was developed and executed her senior year of high school.

Since then, RLR’s programs have reached over 7,000 students, been presented in public/private/charter schools, youth organizations, national conferences, community events, and churches.

In this episode, Breanna shares:

1) The radical thing her dad did to make sure Breanna wanted to get involved in the anti-trafficking movement.

2) What a group of students did that changed the lives of their classmates.

3) The secret ingredient to living an extraordinary life.

Stay connected with Breanna & Red Light Rebellion by connecting with them at redlightrebellion.com. You can also find them on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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