Creativity for Sale with Jason SurfrApp Dec15


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Creativity for Sale with Jason SurfrApp

Jason SurfrApp (yes, that’s really his last name) is the most creative person we’ve ever met. He’s made over a million dollars wearing t-shirts, got sponsors for his latest book before he wrote it, and he’s even auctioned off his own last name…twice!

Jason has been featured on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN, and now…the Inspiring Awesome Podcast!

In this episode, Jason shares:

1) The business model he used to make over a million dollars wearing t-shirts

2) The story that led to Jason selling his last name to the highest bidder…twice

3) Why you shouldn’t send mass emails at the beginning of a project

4) What he does every morning that helps him consistently think outside the box

5) The simple system he uses to help people turn ideas into reality

Get a FREE copy of Jason’s book “Creativity for Sale” by clicking here.

You can check out Jason’s blog & all the other stuff he’s doing at You can also follow his shenanigans on Twitter & Instagram!

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