Why 5,000 Kids are Dying Every Day with Ray Sanders Feb23


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Why 5,000 Kids are Dying Every Day with Ray Sanders

Ray Sanders is the Chief Executive Officer of Water4, Inc., an international company recognized for its development of sustainable water solutions that create jobs, save lives, share love, and transform communities in the developing world.

Ray is also founder of Giant Experiences, a cause-minded organization specializing in the mobilization of purpose-driven leaders who use their influence to impact the world for good.

In this episode, Ray shares:

1) His advice to someone that wants to change the world, but doesn’t know where to start.
2) The importance of finding one person every day that you can impact.
3) Jimmy’s story, and how Water4 changed the course of his entire life.
4) The topic he would cover if he ever gave a Ted Talk.
5) How empowering locals to change their reality can change the world.

To stay connected with Ray, make sure to visit his website.

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